Digital Express

Giving a digital print house elevated street cred

Putting the spotlight on the daily craftmanship of a team of specialists,

in bringing brands to life

Putting the spotlight on the daily craftmanship of a team of specialists in bringing brands to life

Client                                            Year

Digital Express                                          2008 – 2020 


Digital Express


2008 – 2020 


Develop the overall image and identity for Digital Express,across all their platforms; brand, culture, online, social media, and tangible environment.


“Not your average Print Company”. How do we reimagine the Digital Print Industry? We do this when we understand the role we are playing within that space – that we are ‘bringing brands to life’. Most recently involved in designing a new website, influencing the physical space and sharing the Digital Express process, using multiple elements of media, including a series of video showcases that captured their craftsmanship in the day in the life of a DEX signage specialist. We celebrate our 12 year relationship helping shape the Digital Express experience. Being the brand agency to a company often has you playing a very internal and personal role, that provides guidance, insight, decision making and anticipating the future path of the organisation. This is often our ongoing role, and expert advice to executives.


Stationery            Identity                     Brand Architecture
Collateral             Store Design            Digital Marketing
Website               Brand Signage         Social Media


Stationery                    Brand Architecture
Collateral                     Digital Marketing
Website                       Social Media
Identity                        Brand Signage
Store Design

Video Showreel

BBD Client Showcase / Digital Express

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